Bitterroot Gem & Mineral Club

Bitterroot Gem & Mineral Society of Montana

The Bitterroot Conglomerate AUGUST Volume XXXVI Issue 8

Mission Statement 

Our purpose is to promote interest and education in earth sciences namely geology, mineralogy, pale-ontology, the lapidary arts and related subjects. We also support promoting and ensuring the right of amateur hobby collecting, recreational rock hunting and the use of public and private lands for educational and recreational purposes related to the earth sciences. 

Presidents Column

Hello members, We need your attention and help. For the first time in a long time, we are changing a lot of the officers positions. I will be asking members to volunteer for a Nomination committee, which collect nominations of any office and give the list to the Board who reviews the list making sure each nomination is a member in good standing. The Board then approves them and at the following   club meeting, we vote on each office position. They will be announced in November and be sworn in at our December Christmas potluck. I am putting my name in the hat for the position of Treasurer, however, anyone is allowed to give their name for any position below. Please take time to consider one of the positions for our club. Thank you very much! 

President –

Vice President –

Treasurer – 

Two Board members -

Webmaster - 

Federation Delegate - 

Respectfully submitted,

Faith Farley, President

Minutes from July 9, 2019

President Faith Farley called the meeting to order at 6:33 p.m. and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Faith wanted everyone to know that Wayne Farley had his second neck surgery today and it went very well this time!  Since Wayne is in the hospital, Faith gave the treasurer’s report.  A motion was made to approve by Nona Hayes and was seconded by Deb Strickland, and approved by all.  A motion was made by Deb Strickland to approve the June minutes and was seconded by Bill Meuchel and approved by all.  

Deb Strickland gave the 2019 BGMS final show report and everyone was given a handout detailing all income and expenses.  The total proceeds from the show was $2,851.94.  We ended up having 17 vendors and all were happy with the show and said it went very well.  The facility rental deposit for next year’s show has already been paid.  There will be no table rental since the fairgrounds already has tables.  The fairgrounds staff gave Deb a big compliment about how clean our club left the facility.  They didn’t have to do any cleaning at all which was unusual.  Thanks to all who stayed and helped with the cleanup!

The garnet dig in Idaho has been cancelled.  The area will not be open until next spring due to the road washing out.  They will also be uncovering a new vein so our club will plan to go next year.  

Daly Days is July 26th & 27th.  Help is still needed for shifts and take down so please contact Kristyn Martinez if you can he help. 

We will be having the summer picnic at Meuchel’s on Saturday, August 10th.  They will provide burgers, hotdogs, buns and condiments.  The club has plates, cups, and cutlery.  Bring a side dish to share.  Their address is:  577 Skyway Drive.  We will meet at 12:00 a.m. and eat at 1:00 noon.  There will be a live auction of copper minerals, magazines, and other items.  Please bring donated items to auction also.  Ed Kubu will be bringing paints and brushes for us to paint rocks.  Thanks to Bill and Kathy for hosting us! 


There are several club positions open for next year:  president, vice-president, treasurer, and hostess to name a few.  We will also need a nominating committee of 2-3 people chosen by next month’s meeting.   

Faith said there will be another paleontology trip to the college.  She will get a date and time - to be announced.  

Don Tibbs wanted to remind everyone not to lick rocks.  They can be toxic.    

He also made a motion that all vests and patches should be free to any member in good standing.  He says he also did this two months ago and that the motion passed.   Deb Strickland said that a motion had already been made and voted on that the vests are free but that the patches are $20.  A motion was made and passed at the May meeting for the vests to be free and the patches to be $20.  Much discussion was made of this.  Past 2019 minutes were searched and Don’s motion was not found.  Don Tibbs then made a new motion for vests and patches to be free to all members in good standing and Pat Tibbs seconded.  We discussed this matter awhile and then decided to have the Club Board do some research on the minutes before issuing a determination.  Bill Meuchel made the motion to table the matter and Deb Strickland seconded it, with all approving.  

Darrell Coyle explained to club members that only one person should have the floor at a time so there are no cross conversations going on.  Every motion should be re-stated and then voted on.  Jim Hudspeth will bring and donate a recorder to the next meeting so the secretary will have a recording of the meeting. 

An upcoming field trip on August 17th to Lewis and Clark Caverns for the junior club was announced by Ed Kubu.  A motion was made by Don Tibbs that the entrance fees be paid for the kids and their supervisors. Faith seconded the motion and it was approved by all. 

There will be a field trip for everyone to Crystal Park on July 21st.  Jim Hudspeth will send out an update. 

Faith Farley read an interesting article from the American Lands Access Association entitled, “ Lower Parrott Cabin Restoration Project on the Salmon-Challis National Forest”.    

The next meeting will be Tuesday, August 13th.  

Our 50/50 winner for the night was Darci Rainey.  Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Darci Rainey and seconded by Deb Strickland.    

Program for the evening was the club dvd “French Fluorite Mines and Mining” with Alain Martaud.   

Respectfully submitted,  

Dana Jong, Secretary 

New & Returning Members:

Please remember to introduce yourself to the new members.

Program Committee:

Doug Klieger is back in town will be at our September Meeting to give another wonderful presentation to the club. 

Scholarship Committee:

We have received no applications for our $750 scholarship this year.

Show Committee:

Full report in future General Meeting.

Sunshine Committee:

No Report. 

MT Council Report:

No Report.

 For Sale

Owner of Joshua Lapidary in Stevensville, Terry Hicks, is very ill and is told he only has three months to live. He has ask our club to run this information to help him out.  
  Please call 777-0529 or 214-5816 if interested.