The Bitterroot Conglomerate December

Mission Statement 

Our purpose is to promote interest and education in earth sciences namely geology, mineralogy, pale-ontology, the lapidary arts and related subjects. We also support promoting and ensuring the right of amateur hobby collecting, recreational rock hunting and the use of public and private lands for educational and recreational purposes related to the earth sciences. 

Presidents Column

 Welcome back and a Happy New Year to all of our members, old and new.  I thought our Christmas Potluck went very well considering my goof on the date with the church. I would like to thank everyone who helped out on set up, clean up and everything in between! I drew a gift that day which was for someone who had already left and no one seems to remember who the winner was. If you know you won and didn't receive your gift, would you please get in touch with me.  

I attended the Hellgate Christmas Potluck as well where I met some new folks. I would like to share some new ideas with our members at the next meeting that was discussed there.  

Our club is a great place to learn and grow with gems and minerals but it's also about fun. With everyone's help, we will make this year a fun filled exciting year. I hope you'll join me.    

Submitted by, 

Faith Farley   

BGMS President 


No Minutes from December as there was no Meeting

Field Trip Committee: Local field trips have ended for the season. They will resume in the Spring of 2019.

Program Committee: Need more volunteers to present a short program at 

our meetings. This need not be a program of more than 20 minutes and it should be a subject that will be of interest to those that like minerals, rocks, crystals, gold panning, jewelry making, or making anything with rocks.

Scholarship Committee: No report.

Show Report: No report submitted. 

MT Council Report: No report

N.W. Federation Report: No report