The Bitterroot Conglomerate APRIL 2018 XXXV Issue 4

Mission Statement 

Our purpose is to promote interest and education in earth sciences namely geology, mineralogy, pale-ontology, the lapidary arts and related subjects. We also support promoting and ensuring the right of amateur hobby collecting, recreational rock hunting and the use of public and private lands for educational and recreational purposes related to the earth sciences. 

Presidents Column

  • Hello members,

Please check out our new website at I believe this website is easier to traverse and I would like to hear from any member that has ideas to put on the site. Thank you! 

Our field trips are around the corner so please be safe and take plenty of water on your rock hunting expeditions. Please watch the car behind and in front of you so everyone stays together while traveling and no one gets left behind. The Crystal Park trip will be lead by Darrell Coyle either in June or July depending on the snow levels and the Yellowstone trip will be later in the summer with Jason. The list for the scheduled field trips will be emailed out soon. 

We are holding a Spring potluck on Saturday, April 14th at the Church this year to keep us out of the elements. We'll gather at noon and lunch will be at 1:00 p.m. I hope everyone can come and enjoy getting acquainted with all of our new members. We will be auctioning off our Mineralogy book and any other rocks or items that members may want to bring.

Respectfully submitted, Faith Farley BGMS President 

Minutes from March 13, 2018 Meeting

Meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m.

  • Guests:   Priscilla Reaney and past member Tim Altschwager.
  • February Meeting minutes were reviewed with motion to approve by Pam Chulick, second by Claudette Hoffman; voted and approved.    
  • Treasurers report was given and approved.
  • OLD BUSINESS:   Faith has the forms for Daily Days (July 27&28).  We need a volunteer to fill out the form and mail it in. Faith requested that our  booth not be placed in the center of the road this year. Ed Kubu volunteered to cut geodes. 
  • Discussion re: distribution of Box of Rocks from other groups. Perhaps put picture on website and Facebook.  We could display it at May show in 2018 and then put in Summer Picnic Auction.
  • Faith will not be able to attend the Yakima show as she had planned. Darrell will be going as a Delegate and will be taking the bag of our Federation pins to Yakima with him. Wayne is not sure if he is attending.  Bob and Beverly are going to the Kids Meeting and will replace Wayne at various meetings if needed.  BGMS Pins still available from Faith.   
  • Pat Tibbs reported that our case in the College hallway has safety and security issues. She suggested displaying it three months at a time in different nursing homes etc.  It is too heaving and bulky to be a traveling exhibit. We need to find some ideas where we can display this case.    
  • The Presidents Plaque in the shed is still needing three names added. Pat Tibbs suggested that the Plaque should be displayed in our upcoming May Show. Darrell Coyle will handle. 
  • Library:  Faith researched and found that the church does not have room in the building for this. At present there is only one book and one magazine. Darrell Coyle has books and magazines as well. Wayne Farley raised a motion that we have no library. Claudette Hoffman made a motion to approve, second by Pam Chulick, voted and approved by all.  Faith wants to keep the magazines through her presidency and will handle with a sign out card placed inside the covers for check out for a one month period. The Manual of Mineralogy will be auctioned off at the Spring Picnic.  
  • Faith purchased a new extension cord so electronic devices can be used for our meetings. 
  • Arizona box of rocks received, it was from all their member on various field trips and digs, and not exclusive to Arizona finds.  We will display them at our May show and auction them off at our picnic. 
  • NEW BUSINESS:   Faith read a note from Shirley Leeson who has now moved to Texas and thanked everyone for all their help over the years. 
  • Faith discussed problems and resolutions with our website. We now have a NEW website  Almost everything is complete except for the Education area. Faith put the non-competitive form on the home page of our website for the case in our upcoming BGMS Show of May 19 & 20. 
  • Faith had an inquiry from the North Valley Library in Stevensville ask if we had a Rock Kit to loan out to their Youth Program.  Darrell will set up a case and make a display with about 100 specimens within two weeks. He will coordinate with Faith and the Library.  Motion to have a traveling display for youth programs was made by Lynette Helgeland, seconded by Ed Kubu; voted and approved by all. 
  • Ed Kubu wanted to know when the BGMS Spring Pot Luck will be held.  Faith will check with the church for tentative date of April 14th or 21st.    
  • Deb Strickland & Beverly Gibson will give a review of the May show at the next meeting. Beverly will then present and review the new computer program to help volunteers to sign up easily. 
  • Pat Tibbs stated that she has not had responses to the scholarship program at this time.  
  • Margaret Sharp will be coordinating the “Dealers Pot Luck” to be held Friday, May 18th.  Members need to bring food and help. 
  • The Hellgate Gem and Mineral Show will be at the Hilton Garden Inn March 17&18. Wayne Farley will have two cases in the show.   
  • The box of rocks from the Arizona club were previewed.   
  • Motion to adjourn at 7:30pm was made by Claudette Hoffman, second by Kathy Meuchel voted and approved by all.   

Respectfully Submitted by Dar Williams, Secretary 

  • FIELD TRIP COMMITTEE: No field trips planned at this time. A little to wet on most roads.
  • PROGRAM COMMITTEE: CD will be shown. 
  • SCHOLARSHIP: Check Newsletter 
  • SHOW REPORT: Check Newsletter
  • N.W. Federation Report: Look in your Federation newsletter for Shows in the Northwest that you might want to attend.