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Bitterroot Gem & Mineral Society of Montana

Bitterroot Gem & Mineral Society of Montana

Bitterroot Gem & Mineral Society of MontanaBitterroot Gem & Mineral Society of Montana

The Bitterroot Conglomerate FEBRUARY 2020 Volume XXXXVII Issue 2

Mission Statement 

Our purpose is to promote interest and education in earth sciences namely geology, mineralogy, pale-ontology, the lapidary arts and related subjects. We also support promoting and ensuring the right of amateur hobby collecting, recreational rock hunting and the use of public and private lands for educational and recreational purposes related to the earth sciences. 

Minutes from February 08, 2020

President Ed Kubu called the meeting to order  at 2:12 Pm. The Pledge of Allegiance was  recited. 

Ed Kubu called for any changes or  additions to the minutes for January 2020 as  published in the monthly newsletter. With no  changes or additions to the minutes Deb  Strickland made the motion to approve the  minutes. Diana Syphers seconded the motion.  The motion was passed. 

Treasurer Faith Farley presented the  Treasurer's Report. Motion to approve the report was made by Deb Strickland,  seconded by Jim Hudspeth and approved.


An audit of the checking account was performed by Don Tibbs and Darrell Coyle. Minor corrections for the entire year were made on the spot. The audit of the account found no concerns. 

A work party went to the storage buildings and did some waterproofing and foaming to keep out wasps and installed new locks. 

Still looking for a display case for the Victor Museum. 

Ed brought up that there is a need for a workshop or space to set up and use the machines the club now owns. The machines were donated to the club by Wayne Farley. Deb Strickland said she will do some looking and see if a space can be found. 

From earlier discussions the club had decided to do a booth at the Farmers Market which is done thru the Hamilton Downtown Association. There was a volunteer to call and check on booth availability, Deb Strickland? 

There are new business cards that the Show Committee had printed, they will be used to recruit new members. Also they can be redeemed for a discount on admission to the show. 

It was brought up that the Bitterroot College has a Geology Course. It is currently filled. 

NOTE: Ed reminded members that in March we will return to Tuesday night meetings. 

Also to avoid conflict with the Hellgate Club from Missoula the Christmas Party will be held the first weekend of December this year. 

A call to adjourn the business meeting was made. Deb Strickland made the motion and Faith Farley seconded. The meeting was adjourned.  The 50/50 drawing was held and Darci Rainey was the winner. 

A presentation on the use of a rotating lap to do face polishing was done by Darrell Coyle: Subjects included basic safety, proper use of the machine, using different grits and cleaning between polishing stages. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Darrell Coyle 

Acting Secretary for Dana Jong  

New & Returning Members:

Please remember to introduce yourself to the new members.

Program Committee:

Check the minutes above for Darrell Coyle.

Scholarship Committee:

We have received at three applications for our $750 scholarship this year. Pat Tibbs is our chairman and will give her report at the next meeting.

Show Committee:

Check the minutes above.

Sunshine Committee:

No Report. 

MT Council Report:

No Report.